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We are delighted that Heathlands was graded “good” in all categories during its Ofsted inspection of 13-14th March 2013. This is an especially significant achievement in view of the more rigorous inspection framework introduced in September 2012.  Most pleasing was Ofsted’s endorsement of our own school self evaluation and we will continue to use this as the basis for driving forward further improvements.

Quotes from the report:

Achievement of Pupils

“Pupils learn quickly in lessons and make good progress over their time at the school, particularly in developing numeracy and communication skills.”

“ Pupils make good progress in becoming competent readers……….the newly established reading programme is already beginning to accelerate pupils’  reading capability through intensive daily sessions.”


“Teaching is consistently good in the lower school”

“Extremely good relationships provide a very safe and sound base for learning, and staff exploit this well to accelerate pupils’ progress

“ Whole-class teaching sessions have a good tempo and teachers ensure that they are inclusive”

Behaviour and Safety

“Attendance is high and punctuality generally good. Pupils behave well and have a positive attitude towards learning”

“Relationships throughout the school are generally good and pupils usually interact with each other in a pleasant and well-mannered way. Such high-quality interpersonal relationships and concern for others are indicative of the good progress that pupils make in their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.”

“By the time they leave school, Year 11 pupils have grown into mature, impressive young people with a positive view about the future.”


“Senior staff have a good understanding of the school’s strengths and weakness. Their evaluation of the school is entirely accurate and they know where they need to focus their attention to drive forward improvement.”

“School leaders and the governing body maintain highly effective systems and procedures for safeguarding pupils”

Full Ofsted Inspection Report

Residential Ofsted Report