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School Development

Every year the school evaluates its work and sets new targets for development which are contained in the School Development Plan.

Heathlands’ vision statement “Become the best you can be” runs through all aspects of the SDP. In addition to strategic aims we set targets for pupils’ achievement, teaching and learning, pastoral care, and plan for the improvement of the premises. A summary of key priorities for 2016/17 are listed below.

Heathlands School Development Plan 2016/17 – Summary

Strategic Aims
• To improve our provision and practice in relation to SEN by developing the role of support staff
• To enhance the monitoring of classroom practice and link to training and improvement plans
• To implement best value principles with regard to financial resources
• To continue our efforts to secure post 16 education at Heathlands

Teaching Learning and Assessment
• To further improve systems for feedback and marking and ensure consistency across school
• To engage children in their learning through self and peer assessment and “learning conversations”
inspiring work ethic
• To work with other schools to share good practice in relation to moderation of standards
• To continue work on developing students literacy skills, especially writing.

Pastoral Care and Heath House
• To develop the independence programme in Heath House with a focus on personal safety + communication skills
• To review systems for monitoring children’s progress in Heath House
• To develop our curriculum for keeping children safe including sex and relationship education, anti- radicalisation and e-safety
• To develop our support and intervention programmes for students who find school challenging through positive behaviour planning and mentoring
• To continue to improve partnership work with parents

Premises Improvements
• To refurbish the Early Years outdoor space
• To re-furbish Lower School toilets
• To secure funding from the LA and plan for flat roof replacement
• To plan for the longer term aim of a Sports Hall

Heathlands expenditure 2015-2016