Upper School

Heathlands Upper School is a strong and vibrant department for over 50 students aged 11-16.

A broad and balanced curriculum is provided which is challenging and stimulating. Expectations are high for each pupil to achieve their potential. KS4 students have access to a full GCSE programme as well as a range of entry level, BTec and functional skills programmes. Classes are small with pupils grouped according to ability and the curriculum adapted to suite differing learning needs.

All staff have skills in sign language and a Total Communication approach is used combining signing, speech, listening and lip-reading. The development of pupils’ language and communication is at the centre of all teaching and learning. Speech and Language therapists work in close collaboration with teachers of the deaf and other staff to ensure that every pupil’s communication needs are addressed. All classrooms offer optimum acoustic conditions for supporting listening.

Heathlands Upper School pupils have recently moved into refurbished accommodation which has been designed to meet the learning needs of deaf pupils. In addition to subject classrooms there are specialist areas e.g. for the delivery of Art, Science and Technology. Every room is equipped with up to date ICT equipment including interactive white boards, digital visualisers, internet connection, DVD players and other equipment to enable the most effective visual presentation for teaching. Pupils also have access to well-equipped computer suites as well as class sets of laptops.

Heathlands is an inclusive school such that all members of the school community are encouraged to be active participants. The school collaborates with other local schools to provide an enriched social and academic experience through shared projects and learning opportunities.

Heathlands aims to promote an attitude of lifelong learning, respect for diversity and celebration of achievement. Pupils are offered various extra-curricular activities and clubs. They are fully involved in the life of the school and the school council is active and enthusiastic.